Saturday, December 03, 2005

a tired smile

People said that if something doesn’t make me happy then I should just walk away from them. I do apply the proverbs in most of my activities but I don’t think that I have the option of not working. No matter horrible the job is.

Been moved to a new place, my second site of work. The name looks very promising. I bet that all people would know exactly what it is without many efforts to describe them (totally the contradiction of my first one). Also, most people (in certain age, though) would look very high of my line of work. Lastly, I also love the job.

However, still, things don’t always run smoothly. This working place of mine doesn’t even have post its, bad quality of PCs (while we forced to work in hurry where even a great PC sometime still making us stressful), the booths are very packed and got no private space, low salary, no insurance, killing working hours, undebatable bosses (they said that you have to make lots kiss ass), tiring (you should walk between office-studio-editing place on a hot sunny days or middle night like hundreds a day), and lots more.

But, kill me, but seeing smiles from my buddies when I could get them free CD or T shirt with a possibility to complete them with autograph from famous celebrities, or to have their shows aired, or to have premiere tickets to the cinema, or just simply to watch my shows which I damnly involved on every second of it, could erase all the hatred and make me smile, a tired smile.


yaya said...

hey duy...menurut gue nih, whatever you do, find your cause (no matter unimportant it might be). if you think those smiles are worth all your efforts, fine. but if they do n't worth anymore...just be honest to yourself and let go. it's a long haul our life...don't spend your entire energy for one thing only...elu tuh talented, have huge potential...gue gak yakin gak ada kerjaan lain that suits (and appreciates) you much much better...oceh...

stania said...

Iya Duy, saw you at 'Berbagi Suami' premiere with Winky Wiryawan in TV show. You looked happy there :p