Tuesday, August 01, 2006

why the world needs Superman?

Being stucked in the airport for almost five hours, I was suddenly remembered my intention in continuing Lois Lane’s article. Why the world needs Superman?

I have tried to use the sentences as my YM status for couples of days, and some of my friends were indeed responding the status. It was started with some nonchalant respond such as: ‘Because we need a hero who dares to let his underpants seen’, until some full-of-attention respond: ‘What’s the matter with you, Duy?’

I don’t know why, but that particular legendary movie had touched my heart acutely. Tell you, I sobbed very hard and departure from the theatre with an extreme red eye.

Firstly, I said that it was hard to be Superman. He has to keep his secret for the sake of other people’s feeling. He has to abandon his own need for the sake of making everybody happy. He has to numb his feeling for the sake of making his loved one feel joyous. I think that would be the darn unfairness made by DC in creating this superhero. DC honey, if you want to have a man with steel body, then you have to put extra steel in his heart as well.

Secondly, it would be difficult also for people live in his surrounding. In this case I would rather discuss the Mom. The very important lady that raised him was only seen in some seconds on the crowd in front of the hospital scene. She, the one that help Superman in every single details of his childhood, has to stand in front of the hospital along with everyone else, without any ability to pronounce loudly that she’s the mother. She has to keep silence and redeem all her worries and concerns of his son’s health. She has to let her role of being special not known by public just to keep his son’s identity unknown. Why is that so? I hate any forbidden love that not allowed you to tell everyone that you’re special.

So, my two reasons actually stated that the existence of Superman is actually unfair. He would be fucking useful for everybody else, alas except Superman himself and his inner circle. They have to keep silence for the welfare of everybody else that they barely known, and abandon their own feeling.

However, he’s indeed exists. And needless to say that anything related with everybody versus several people would be won by everybody, whatever the cases are. It’s unfair, but it’s reality. So, if you are that everybody, just remember that even heroes have the rights to bleed.

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