Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a pledge

We may appears outcasts to the world,
We perhaps beyond far to accomplish
Of a thoughtful and a dream to come true

To remain and to gain one in eternity
To share lives in rough and ready years
Depicted in every single of our pray

To the path and destiny that we have chosen
For whom we are and what we bare to believe
With all the price and hope we have to pay

As thousand years of ages arrives,
As we both shall agreed to be bond
For our lifetime pledge

In any faith of our good will
The most graceful things in our life time

More than heart and love to attach,
As the strength and the power to gain,
As believes that will keep us survives

It is God fully right to decide of which right or wrong,
None of mankind have right to criticize us

(taken from a very gracious ceremony from a dear friends,
be good you two ki and dy !!!)

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