Friday, April 08, 2005

magical place

It’s the place where sun doesn’t burn much
Yet it’s the place where cold doesn’t bite

It’s the place where grin and laughter are welcomed
But frown and tears are allowed

It’s the place where all problems could be forgotten for a while,
Then you know that you wont solve it on your own

It’s the place where all excitement present,
Yet the fear of afraid of losing each other appear as well

It’s the place where you feel so meaningful and guarded

It’s the place where you could really understand the exact meaning of comfortable

It’s really a magical place on earth
Where squirrel and hairy caterpillar found each other

It’s the place where the strongest bond exist
Yet it’s the place where the misunderstanding kept happening

Yeah different species have their own way in saying their thoughts,
But I believe that they do have their own sacred and unique kind of love to share
And the dream to keep this magical place always

Hope the squirrel and the hairy caterpillar have the same believe as me
Because not everyone could have this marvelous privilege

(inspired from the song 'Return to the Pooh Corner'. It's really a beautiful place, gak peduli yg temenan babi ama keledai, heheheh)

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