Tuesday, March 22, 2005

my definition of love

love is the only thing that i can actually share
it could be as glittery as gold
a simple kind of love, full of love and caring
same size, same portion, freely, truly, honestly
for such a nice person, friend, enemy, partner
aka sibling if i could humbly add

sometime we try to deny the fact
that the definition of any kind of love
is still depend on how people see it
no matter how extremely we care for someone
if theres this different point of view
then this sacred feeling that actually available
yet seem to be inappropiate

sometime the selfish part of the heart keep asking everything to stay the same
because the whole thing was just too beautiful to leave behind
because to lose the picture perfect of friendship is somehow unbearable

if i still be selfish
then it will loose the essence of my love itself..

therefore I hereby re-define my statement of love
that this feeling of mine will be undefinable
I will care for you in my own way in whatever you`ll choose to act
I might never gonna say it in precise and accurate words
you just need to listen it with your deepest kindest heart that I ever know

thanks a lot
always wish you happiness in each and every breath you take

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