Monday, April 25, 2005

why do people have to work?

There are several phases that need to go through in our life, born, school, work, marriage, having children, then die peacefully. My phase is on the work now. Wanna share you all a bit about this.

Kinda confuse of the reason why people have to work. Is it for money? Pleasure? Social life? Expressing your lust? Pride? Killing time? Or just simply because we have to do it.

I graduate from a varsity where most of its alumni put pride first for their job. The more famous your place of work, the more salutation will be given to you. Appraisal from people, that admiring and astonishing look in people eyes everytime you mention your company, the calculating brain which imagining how much bonuses that you will gain in the end of the year, are they what actually be the reason to work?

To the contrary, some closest friends of mine are thinking in the different way. Some of them are not coming from what so called prestigious varsities. Although how much I hate to admit this, but the easiest -please do notice the word easy and not effective- way for the recruiting team in most of the company to measure their candidates performance is merely by the name of the varsities and some numbers, or well known as GPA.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, this group of people, they don’t really care of what kind of job that they will have. They will be so glad just to have a job, regardless what kind of job it is or whether it will be suitable with their background or not. Some which coming from a lucky family didn’t even consider that their salary are very much less then their expenditure. Its all the same. They think they should work because they have to. As simple as that.

I do agree that people have to work, but I don’t agree to any of the above reason of why should people work. Firstly, we need activities and we need cash to continue or live. Yes, no doubt in that and –correct me if I’m wrong- the only way to do it is by working. Therefore we have to work and the salary must be able to cover average expenditure.

But something that people nowadays remain forgotten is to follow the little thing call heart. Most of my surrounding are using brain much often than heart. They do the cost and benefit analysis of place to work by using mostly brain. The keywords that they are using is salary, location, MNC/not, do they have website, bonuses, career, etc., let alone the word chemistry, interest, how it could benefit other than you and your company, how it could bring betterment to the society, and so on.

I would actually prefer to merge both of my brain and my heart, by building a thing called dream. I thought it would be perfect if I could merge my capacity and interest into a dream and the thing that I need to do is find a place to make that dream come true. I know that this wont be any easy, maybe the only way is by creating this place on my own. But anyway, for the time being, anywhere you work, just don’t let the lights of your dreams goes out. Just promise yourself that you’ll do it sometime. Even when you didn’t make it come true, be glad, because to build a dream is hard enough.

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