Monday, May 02, 2005


On my early elementary ages, I do afraid of the dark.

When the nights come, I always have this eerie feeling. In my mind, all bad things happens when its dark. I always hold my Mom’s hand so tight so that she wouldn’t go away. I’m afraid that she could sometime die if I didn’t hold her tight. I hold her skirt, her sleeves and everything so that nothing can take her away from me.

That’s the best that a 7 years girl can do to prevent someone from losing.

I often forget those moments. Due to the growth of my sense, I do aware that it takes more than just holding hand to stop someone that you care from going away from you. And I do aware, that darkness doesn’t always mean no lights.

And if someone stay near you physically, Doesn’t mean that the heart stay close as well

I recently feel that eerie feeling again. And I don't know why, but I suddenly back to that 7 years old girl and do the silly thing again.

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