Thursday, June 02, 2005

the verb sorry

A friend of mine cried today. Domestic problems. Tired of a thing called ego and different point of view. This is the bizarre thing of a relationship. How one could feel that she has try her very best but still the other party would tell that she done nothing. Would we have a winner in this kind of case?

Sometime there’s a pride in me if I win a debate. But when my sense and conscious back, I hate myself to death of having a battle. Especially when I win it. I hate conflict. Maybe because I watch too many conflict which end in no solutions. One might seems to win at the moment. But I consider that both sides are losing. I hate that black aura which happens on fight. Innocent party might get involved of your fight. Your children. Your surrounding. Should they got the effect also? Did you ever consider that it might make them trauma? Or you just think of yourself? Then go live in the jungle and leave everybody.

However, there’s no such thing as perfect right? Problems keep happening. Fight will always happen. The only thing that might do well is trying to look from others point of view and redeem your ego. And hoping that everyone will do the same. So we could live in harmony. Just like the fairy tale.

But its impossible. Nowadays people are even afraid of saying the words sorry. Many bad things happen just because that word is so hard to be pronounced. People think that sorry means that you loose. Sorry means weak. Sorry means you lost your pride.

I’d rather seen it as a different thing. Sorry can put things back at ease. Sorry can guard your relationship. Sorry means you win your spouse, your friends, your family back. We ain’t angel. We are just a simple human who born to make mistakes. No matter which one is right or wrong, a little sorry is enough to conquer a heavy fight. Because right or wrong is just depend on how we see it.

Am I too naïve?

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