Wednesday, August 31, 2005

yesterday and today

1. Woke up late and find my bathroom is so dirty and I really need to clean it up
2. I didn’t get the ticket for my vacation to Bali this weekend
3. My booth friend is planning to resign
4. My dearest buddy gotta stay longer in another city while I got so much things to talk
5. I got call from my boss during my lunch time out of the office and she protested on my absence of a meeting that I didn’t even know it exist
6. I gotta walk at such distance on the most hot temperature of the day
7. Suddenly my boss make a statement to forbid lunch out of the office except on Friday
8. I realized that I`m just a sitting duck in a project
9. A friend disappointed at me and said that I accused her having an affair, while I have already put so much concern on her
10. The book seller in the mailing list said that the price of the book that I had order is increased
11. I`m running out of coffee
12. When you just wanna be alone to write this list, everybody came to ask for anything
13. When you want to post this writing, the internet is just breaking down
14. When I feel relieved on the next day, I just know that this misery hasn’t end yet.

(Really hate how other people problems have strong deterrent effects to your own friendship)

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