Tuesday, September 06, 2005

never ever tell a lie to a friend

It will be all perfect if our life is always so smooth sailing (taken from friendster :p) from time to time. It will be all nice if we have nothing to hide, no secrets, no mistakes and no flaws. But I consider it to be an incomplete package of life.

Along our life, there are things that we prefer to hide, such as the troubles with our families, friends, couples, or other things like committed to crime or many others. They would create barriers that protect us from other people, especially on those who start to care for our secret. Though this barrier is invisible, it is so powerful to determine our future relationship with the other.

The reactions would be varied for those whose being approached, some stick with their lies, some deny it all the time, some choose to run away, and also there are some people –I don’t know whether they are smart, tricky or simply just possess some mental illness- who choose to be mad and put the fault in the person whose being concern. However, some also choose to tell the truth.

It is one of our quests in life to find someone that we can trust to share our secret with. A relief feeling after sharing stories has an amazing effect in your heart, though. This person who has the privilege of sharing secret doesn’t necessary have to be our couple. A friend even said to me, ‘You could tell lie to your spouse but never ever tell a lie to your friend’. Or on several cases it could be our Mom. There are no exact measurements on how certain person could understand us.

Just let our feeling to talk.

(thanks for all your stories)

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