Wednesday, March 01, 2006

what you should have as a pedestrian in Jakarta

  1. the ignorance of here, there and everywhere garbage
  2. sharp eyes to avoid motorcycles which mostly blocking the whole part of sidewalks
  3. well trained neck due to the rapid frequency of neck spinning in checking backpack
  4. ability to create various way of saying no to the street vendors
  5. cleanable shoes or slippers during the rainy season
  6. small changes in case of scary beggars
  7. high concentration in finding tracks due to the nature of sidewalks: sometime it could just gone, flooded by water, full of street vendors and the wackiness of other pedestrian
  8. no high heels or anything made of suede
  9. at some points nearby water flood, run or you would make yourself wet
  10. ready stock umbrella for rain also sun bites
  11. extra sun block during the dry season
  12. great endurance in facing walkers’ various speed
  13. pepper spray or any attacking devices for a night pedestrian

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