Tuesday, March 08, 2005

each of us is unique

This poetry was made on Kumkum and Ninots wedding day. It was the first catholic wedding that I attend, and it was really a beautiful one.

Each of us is unique
Not better or worse, but just different
And like a series of puzzles
Different pieces will be completed
if its find its match
Unfortunately, unlike puzzles
Its kina harder for us
To find someone that will make us feel completed
It will be a long and challenging journey indeed
There’ll be tears between laughter
There’ll be frowns between grins
But when we’re willing to take the risk
Eager to seek and stay
Tell God that we’re ready to lose one,
if one’s not meant for us
Don’t mind to try and put a smile after cry
Forget the mistakes and appreciate the flaw
Then don’t worry,..
God will aware of our endeavor
And set the one as the piece that will complete us
And guard it til the journey is over

August 23rd, 2003
Dedicated to Ninot and Kumkum
Two of our beloved friends
that successfully has found the right piece
to complete each other
Congrats and have a very joyful journey!

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