Thursday, March 10, 2005

its just me

Feminine and gorgeous lady
That’s surely not me
I like to wear jeans
And have short hair cut
And also laughing out loud

Mastering general knowledge
That’s the thing that I always hate
I might know few things
But what interest me most, is just to sing

A violin-shape female
I think I more similar to whale, a nigger whale :D
I`m working on it, though..
But it seems didn’t work really well

Being a steel heart girl
It will really torture me
I shed tears in all Disney movies
Okay, all movies..
And happy stories,
Amaze me more than tragedy

That’s me!!
I know that I`m not in-the-magazine-kind-of-girl
But I don’t want to change me..
And I do hope that you all will love me as me

(It was made on a day when the urge of loving one particular male is clashing with the dignity of just being myself. And myself is the winner. Though I still want him to love me back, heuhuehueh)

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