Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I was leaving Bandung last year. There will be a long story for this, but it was awfully depressing for me to get out of the city. However, with strong will to strive for a brand new life and try to find the deepest meaning of being independent, I did move to Jakarta for my first job.

A new sheet of life means a new sheet in the bed. I gotta find somewhere to live. After knocking numerous doors, I decided to stay in the same room with an old friend from college. The room was pretty large. People could actually play football in this room.

Room arrangement was done. Never say it was easy though, she likes blue and I do green. So if you go to our room, you’ll be easily distinguished which side is mine and which is hers. However, hm, don’t say this to her but I secretly put green things around without her notice. That’s what I mean by green room freshener, bathroom freshener and green floor cleaner.

After so long living alone, being double is not always easy. I bet she felt the same way too since she’s the only child in her family. One big issue is tidiness. I always thank God for keeping the same standard of cleaning habit in us. Well, actually I’m some numbers lower than her. In this case, I thank God a lot for having roommate with such understanding.

Can’t say that I’m an easy person, though. I tend to do whatever I like. Going home very late at night, too lazy to pick up the underwear dried in the bathroom, rarely put my things in its place, often forget my keys, love to sing out loud regardless the quality of my voice, sneezes frequently, stuffed her with the latest update of my life (which are usually either unimportant or something pathetic), crying for lousy reasons and several others activities that I bet not much people can handle. But tell you what? This buddy of mine, she can handle it very well.

She’s just never complain, well I’m not saying that she’s quiet but she’s just not that kind of girl who will fuss about small things. She can act in several characters. If I go home late she’ll acted as my mom and call me. During my hardest day, she’ll be all ears and be my dearly friend. On my stubborn-denial-full ego situation, she’ll be the reminder of my truly feeling. In short, I’m actually a bit freaking if she’s not around, although she’s the one who put all the pillows around her if I didn’t stay at a night.

However, life goes on. This friend of mine will soon going to get married. She looked a bit stressed out about the wedding sometime. But I bet she did enjoy her justifications of buying things for her wedding. This new life of her and her beloved ones means that she’s no longer going to be my roommate. This is one of my reasons to find another place to stay. Aside from my initial plan of want to be real independent, I don’t think that I can handle if she leave me first for the wedding. Therefore, I decided to move out.

Picking roommate is not as easy as picking oranges in the supermarket. This one is way more complicated. I can’t find suitable formula to describe how to find the right roommate, but I do can tell you all that I did have found the right roommate. And the right roommate is indeed filling the loneliness that occurred to a single-far-away-from-home kind of girl. Like me.

Thank you so much, Pies. Hope you find the real happiness with Dj.

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# Q said...

choosing the perfect roommate can be very tricky sometimes.. I thank God also, I found a perfect person to be my roommate back then.. tapi ya Duy.. gimana kalo misalnya lu diajak sekamar ama orang yang lu tau lu pasti gak cuco'.. tapi teh gak enak nolaknya? huhu.. gue jadi keingetan nih gara2 gue baca postingan yang ini.. duuuhhh.. dilemaaaa... huhu..