Monday, May 29, 2006

an injured heart was harder to cure

another eartquake was happened again the last saturday.

a friend wonders, why disasters mostly happened on holidays? Where all people were unprepared, both the casualties or the aid parties.

but actually, could we really prepare for disasters?

in case of fire, skycrapers buildings were equipped with anti-fire tools. Hydrants are everywhere. Emergency stairs are at everycorner. Emergency exit trainings are conducted every month.

in case of earthquake, Japan was equipped with many anti-earthquake tools. The SWAT troops were prepared for any emergencies. Children were given awareness since the very beginning.

in case of hurricane, people were building hideaways in basement. Researches were conducted to predict on the occurences to evacuate people earlier.

yes of course, those efforts could indeed redeem the casualties numbers. but the after effect would always be harder.

no one was aware that they're going to have a very different life after the tragedy
no one was ever prepared for the deaths of the loving ones
no one would realize that the emergency exit was merely temporary exit
and it would be very difficult for them to really exit from the whole disaster
because an injured heart was harder to cure.

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