Friday, May 12, 2006

new job

I start with writing down an email with subject: 'hehehe.. gue pindah kerja lagi'. And I sent it to the geng. Then my Yahoo Msg suddenly get busy as well as my handy and email.

Pretty shocking, though. It's all get too sudden.

It turns out that I take the new job. After so much thoughts, it leads me into a conclusion. Why shoudn't I take it? I like it. It looks good on my resume. It has several trainings that I could join. It involves heavy travellings with good compensation. It has more friendly atmosphere. It has better salary. And on top of all, I'm going to work with my best friend.

Well, the last line was actually one of my consideration of rejecting it. But then, I believe that I do have good intention whatsoever, with no strings attached at all. So, I should not be afraid that this could lead into bad competition that could wreck our friendship.

However, I know that this wont be any easy. It's quite a hard job. And truthfully, to see that look in some people eyes that I resign from this three letters company is actually somehow discouraging me.

Sialan lo ya MTV, walau lo seburuk2 amit2. Most people still think highly of you and make pity look for those who's resigning from you.

Wish me luck, people!


yaya said...

nduy!!! kok gue gak elo kirimin email????!!! kan gue jadinya gak tau kalo elo pindah kerja...apaaa coba, nggak jelas ya?

tapi...wuiiihhhh...TOP nduy...kagum gueh sama prinsip elo. jadi, sekarang dimana?

eniwei, gue bilang elo mampu bukan karena pengen seneng2in elo...tapi emang elo mampu...and elo deserve a better one. otre sist?

stania said...

Hey Duy, I just found out that you have a blog. Still the same to-the-point Duy I know;)

You got a new job? Where? Still in Jakarta? I thought you're still in the three-letters-company.

I know you can succed well in every field, like you did in college. You go girl!

goio said...

Kok aku gak kebagian kabar nih duy? dah sebulan pula .. dasarrr ...

goio said...

kelupaan ngomong ... SELAMAT! ... life's too short for the wrong job ... hehehe ...