Friday, December 22, 2006

the magic of digital player

One of the greatest inventions of mankind is music. I don’t think that I’m entitled of being a music lover since I have less interest in most kind of music: instrumental (music is something that I should be able to take part, since I don’t really have good relationship with music instruments, the singing is the only subject of participations. Thus, music with no voice of human being? That’s just not me), hard core (I have no master in swearing language and have quite sensitive ears of listening to high - pitch - loud - noises - don’t - know - what - the - meaning music), and several others.

Checking my collection of music, I find it rather odd. I rarely buy cassettes and not to mention CDs, well, original CDs. Lemme ponders.. hmm.. one Missy Elliot as gift from Nita, one Eminem to cover my lust of being rapper while ago, one Chrisye, one Fire House, one AB Three that belong to.. I don’t know who. This is because I just CAN NOT find any song that really suits my mood of not changing the cassettes due to my easily got bored attitude. So, to discharge my soul, I seek more into compilation. However, this leads me into nowhere too. None of NOW 3, Ready to Romance, Evergreen Song, Best Song of the Year, MTV Selection Song had satisfy me. This make me –Dear Lord, please have mercy on me- one of the greatest hijacker.

I have around 20-30 cassettes and countless CD that uniquely perfected to fit my music style. I put billion efforts and troubles in finding all the music sources (where mp3 and CD were still not favorable) from all of my friends including stay late to record uncut songs from radio. Each of the cassettes were numbered and wrapped in different styles. Some were using gift papers, news paper and also commercial papers with nice pictures. The songs was listed (hand written, I’m no capable of computers back then) both based on the title or the singer, and the song list must be written in the cover. Insomnia would suddenly attack me if I have an unfinished cassette. I would go every detail in making this perfect.

As the advanced war of technology including the music industry, I let myself go to the battle. Trying hard to understand and get involved in this music industry, including working at MTV :) However, I found my greatest achievement was when I met my digital player.

Any digital - small - music - player - with - perfect - sound - adequate - memory - and - useful - features would feel as heaven for people like me. I could download 4 GB songs and arrange it whatever I wish to do it. Just put the right title and singer name and I could sort it in blink. Put several songs to this folder and that acoustic songs to that folder and some to my favorite folders (which I named: Enak Euuyyy, Gonjreng Abis, Do you remember?, Mellow Mampus, Chill Out) then voila! I’d be able to listen to the compilation.

Despite all of its advanced features, I hail my digital player the most on its loyalty in accompanying me. Being small, the thing is very handy. The fidelity is proven during my awkward moment: when I am alone, when I want to be alone, when I pretend to be alone, when I hate being alone, and when I must be alone.

The songs would really sway me into anywhere I want to be.

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