Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a chance

again the morning has come
remaining me of such portray
you that twisting around my belly
you that mesmerized me tremendously
you that I am no longer able to ignore
if I still wish
to carry my journey on

had imagine of you
swirling back and forth
in front of my very eyes
giving me goosebumps
whispering in each piece of my ear
sounding fear that I must conquer

then here I am in front of you
trying to hold every breath
amass inches of my brave and dignity
hiding my trembling noise
putting my disbelief in a box

but then after a while,
here I am still in front of you
had no fate to say anything to you
and as yesterdays
you overlook me
neglecting me

making me questioning my existence

I just want to understand you
figuring out what’s beneath you
to converse with you
longing you
to spend just a bit of your time
hoping you
to give a single chance
for me

(this goes out to all drivers outside,
if you once find anyone crossing in front of you,
please just let them do it)

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