Monday, May 09, 2005

an atmosphere hunter

The thing that I always seek into when I entered a new city is their local food. Yeah, you could call me a freak food hunter. And its indeed reflected in my shape.

My best achievement on food-huntering was on Makassar. The food is damn delicious and its affordable. Up until now I can still tell the taste of Coto Makassar and some-green-banana-icy thing which I forgot the name. I have once bought its replica in Bandung, but it taste different. Could be caused by the originality that of course Bandung wont have? Or simply because the atmosphere was different?

I just had lunch with some old friends on last Friday. From all six of us, one ordered kwetiaw and the others were enjoying their beverages. This single plate of kwetiaw was invading by all of us, and it seems so tasty. But when I order it on my own. It didn’t taste that good.

Same thing happen some weeks ago when we was invading one bowl of soup with hat. We ate them so barbarically until the table was covered in splash of soup and the pieces of the danish was scattered all around the place even until our clothes. And it tasted so good.

Sometime like to wonder. Why I sometime couldn’t enjoy the food in some fancy restaurant with my bosses? Why I enjoy more in lingering in bed just to chat with a or several friends and just drink mineral water and ate chips?

Maybe the sugar, spice and salt are not always be the answer for delicious food. I think atmosphere play a great role here. Therefore I would like to change my alias into an atmosphere hunter.

(would like to bestow my sincerest gratitude for those of you who put contribution in making nice atmosphere around until I get this fat)

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