Wednesday, May 04, 2005

no bosses around!!

My two biggest (well, one is quite big and one is tall enough) bosses are not around since Monday. And guess what happened at the office?

Lets see, some come to the office very late, some come home very early, and some come very late and get rushing back home or having massage at 4 o clock in the afternoon. And all of these are recorded in the not-so-sophisticated-attendance-recording-device, but too bad no one put much attention on follow up of the poor machine.

Actually, is it allowed to be not in order while your bosses away? Why we actually following the rules? Is it because we are afraid of our bosses? Or we respect them? If we jump with glee of their absent in office, and a bit ignoring our work and have a helluvah lunch or enjoy the relaxation at the beauty parlor during the office hour, is that what respect means?

I never thought that I will have this feeling of extremely relieve knowing that my bosses is not around. Some part of my brain keep telling me that this is not the way it supposed to be. I should’ve stay put with my job regardless they are around or not, instead, I did make 3 writings on blogs (2 are recently published and 1 still on draft), help my friend selling several shirts, have great breakfast outside, browse, making 1 glass of tea and 1 coffee and now I’m going to have lunch. Meanwhile, I’m actually aware of what tasks that I need to do that related with office. But I just didn’t have that desire to finish them.

Think its time for me to move forward, but, where to go?

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